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One of the most popular grass varieties in the valley!

90% Fescue / 10% Bluegrass

  • Drought Tolerence
  • Disease Resistance
  • Wear Resistance
  • Shade Tolerancce
  • Winter Color
  • Heat Tolerance

Celebration® Bermudagrass

Great for sports fields! Able to withstand short mowing cuts!

100% Celebration Bermudagrass

  • Drought Tolerence
  • Disease Resistance
  • Wear Resistance
  • Shade Tolerancce
  • Winter Color
  • Heat Tolerance


Beautiful year-round dark green colored grass with fine texture!

50% Bluegrass / 50% Ryegrass

  • Drought Tolerence
  • Disease Resistance
  • Wear Resistance
  • Shade Tolerancce
  • Winter Color
  • Heat Tolerance

Grass Seed

Contractor Blend
(cool/warm season)

The newest and best seed genetics for drought tolerance!

A perfect mixture for landscape professionals and residential customers alike.  The newest and best seed genetics for drought tolerance, heat tolerance, and wear tolerance mixed with a quick germinating ryegrass makes this mixture the best of every world.

Don’t be fooled by the word “tall” in our tall fescue.  With the latest genetic capabilities, all of our tall fescue varieties are engineered to be dwarf varieties.  This means that they are capable of being mowed to low heights and will grow at a slower rate, saving the end user money in maintenance costs.

  • Tall Fescue 80% 80%
  • Bluegrass 10% 10%
  • Ryegrass 10% 10%

Three Way Perennial Ryegrass
(cool season)

Perfect for overseeding!

Three of the newest and best ryegrass seed varieties engineered for disease resistance.

Yukon Bermuda
(warm season)

Our #1 rated Bermuda seed variety!

This popular seed variety has been the best variety on just about every quality characteristic since 1990. This seed is perfect for sports fields or landscapes wanting the best drought tolerant, heat tolerant, and wear tolerant characteristics with earlier and longer lasting green up.  Yukon uses 25% less water than other Bermuda grasses, while maintaining superior turf quality. Yukon is the most dramatic improvement in seeded Bermuda grass varieties to date.

Futura Heat Grass Seed
(warm season)

Low maintenance!

An excellent choice for professionals and homeowners alike. With its fast establishment and increased turn density, Futura Heat should be a top pick for anyone wanting to lower maintenance costs.  With great drought tolerant and heat tolerant characteristics, this excellent Bermuda grass is perfect for the hot summer days in California.


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Baseball is more than just hitting home runs.

It’s also about the field you play on.

Baseball and Softball Infield Products

  • 70/30 infield mix

  • 60/40 infield mix

  • Red cinders

  • Screened clay

  • Custom Blends available upon request

  • Pro’s Choice Select Infield Conditioner

  • Red Infield Conditioner

  • Rapid Dry

  • Pro Mound Packing Clay

  • Easy Mound Packing Clay

  • Dolomark Chalk


  • Max-gro 15-15-15 seed starter & all purpose

  • Max-gro 22-5-5 with slow release

  • St. Pauls 21-3-5 with Surge Weed & Feed

  • St. Pauls .25% Dimension

  • St. Pauls 30-6-0 Winter Fertilizer

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