Bark • Wood Chips • Rock • Sand • Boulders


Bark is a popular ground cover that helps not only your yard look nice but helps keep the moisture in the soil during the hot summer months.

Small bark
Medium Bark
Shredded Cedar Bark
Walk On Bark
playground fiber
Organic soil conditioner
0-1/4″ Red Humus


Similar to decorative bark, wood chips provide your flower bed and yard with a nice decorative look.

Black Wood Chips
Brown Wood Chips
Red Wood Chips
Black Wood Chips


Like us, plants and flowers need to eat too. Make your plants happy with some nutrient rich soil.

50/50 Planters Mix
Organic Soil Conditioner
Top Soil (Sandy Loam)


Rocks and sand are much more durable and long lasting for your next home or commercial space project.


We now carry Mexican Beach Pebbles!

Size: 1-2″, 2-3″, 3-5″
Bags: 75lb and 3000lb
Color: Black

Pea Gravel
3/4″ Road Base
Gray Decomposed Granite
Gold Decomposed Granite
2 x 4 Valley Cobble
1 1/2″ River Rock
1 1/2″ Salt & Pepper
2 x 4 Noiya Cobble
4 x 8 Noiya Cobble
3/4″ Crushed Rock
3/4″ Green Rock

3/8″ Sonoma Gold

1/2″ Salt & Pepper
3/4″ Sonoma Gold
3/4″ Black Lava
1″-3″ Black Slate Chips
1 1/2″ Sonoma Gold
3/4″ Red Lava
3/4″ Black Rock
3/8″ Lodi Brown
3/4″ White Dolomite
Plaster Sand
Concrete Sand
Fill Sand


They’re big and bold and ready to add a nice accent piece to your landscape.

Moss Rock Baskets
Moss Rock
Milky Way
Cougar Canyon
Flat-Lava Rock
Cold-Water Canyon Rock
Creekside Rock
San-Pablo Skipping Rock

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