Super Soils + Amendments

Improve plant growth and health with our specialty blend of enhanced Super Soils and Amendments – because a healthy plant is a happy plant!

Best Quality!

Empire Builder is a premium, artisan soil with a precise balance of minerals and beneficial ingredients for your indoor and outdoor planting needs.

Not your typical potting soil, Empire Builder is painstakingly made using established best practices of sustainable soil-building processes. We challenge you to find a better garden soil on the market.


  • Ideal for indoor planters, as well as large outdoor pots, grow bags, raised beds, and gardens
  • Generally no need to add amendments or fertilization until early flower
  • Around 6.5 pH
  • Roughly 10% worm castings
  • Available by the truckload or on location by the cubic yard

Best Seller!

Happy Hippie Garden Mix is a great, organic base mix.

Happy Hippie is perfect for moderate- to heavy-feeding programs.  A 10% increase in perlite quantity is available and perfect for heavy-feeding programs and locations prone to overcast and moist climates. Ingredients include composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, pumice, lava rock, compost, worm castings, humic shale ore, dolomite lime, azomite, soy meal, and gypsum.


  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor gardening, raised beds, grow bags, and large outdoor pots
  • Suggested nutrient feeding, fertilization, and amending immediately after planting
  • Can be purchased with 10% or 20% perlite at no additional cost
  • Around 6.0 pH
  • Available by the truckload or on location by the cubic yard

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CS Native Blend

Our newest blend based on years of testing and customer feedback.  Native blend provides everything a grower would want!  This blend offers excellent drainage characteristics with ingredients such as perlite, pumice, and lava rock, while also containing all the nutrients and trace minerals for superior growth and establishment.  There is no wonder why Native Blend is quickly becoming one of our most in demand soil blends.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening, raised beds, or grow bags
  • Only light fertilizing and feeding after plant establishment recommended, but will support heavy fertilizing
  • pH balanced at around 6.5
  • Great drainage properties
  • Available by the truckload only; not available on location


SS Big City Hydro-Mix

Carefully mixed with the finest coco coir, perlite, and paramagnetic lava rock, Big City Hydro-Mix is a premium, artisanal blend for indoor hydroponic garden. This organic listed soil amendment provides a perfect blend of water retention and drainage to support root growth and ensure higher yielding plants. Big City Hydro-Mix is triple-washed and pH buffered to ensure the finest quality.

  • Suitable for all hydroponic and soilless systems
  • Ideal for heavy feeding plants
  • Around 6.5 pH
  • Below 150 TDS/PPM
  • Water up to once a day
  • Available by the truckload only or on location by the cubic yard



Perfect Potting Soil

A high-quality, natural and organic indoor/outdoor soil. Perfect Potting Soil is licensed through the Clean Green Certified program and is registered with the CDFA. Ingredients include coco coir, peat moss, composted forest products, worm castings, perlite, rice hulls, pumic, soy meal, bat guano, volcanic rock dust, feather meal, green sand, azomite, bone meal, gypsum, dolomite lime, and humic shale ore.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening
  • Works great with flowers, vegetables, perennials, trees, and shrubs
  • Works well with all fertilizing programs
  • Available by the truckload, on location by the cubic yard, or in 2 cubic foot bags



SS Victory Mix

Composted forest products and other fine ingredients from land and sea make Victory Mix a premium, artisan growing soil for your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. Fish meal, shrimp meal, crab meal, and kelp meal are some of the ocean-based ingredients featured in this garden soil.

  • Suitable for everything from indoor house plants to raised beds, grow bags, and large outdoor pots
  • Works well with different types of fertilizer programs
  • Nice green-up and substantial growth in the first 30 days
  • Suggested light nutrient feeding after 30-45 days
  • Roughly 10% worm castings
  • Available by the truckload or on location by the cubic yard


SS Worm Castings

Since the beginning of time, earthworms have converted organic matter into humus-rich soil with plant nutrients and revitalized soil biology. Worm castings are the “original” fertilizer, and they remain the purest and best quality plant foods today, adding beneficial microorganisms, nutrients, and organic matter to the soil.

Buckaroo Worm Castings are carefully hand-crafted using a one-year process. We feed our worms a special, balanced diet. Our primary feedstock is organic compost and humus instead of grains or other non-beneficial feedstocks. We hand-weed our worm beds rather than use heavy machinery, which may contaminate our products, and we regularly apply a proprietary blend of beneficial amendments to the worm beds.

  • Available by the truckload or on location by the cubic yard


SS Dutchman

Dutchman Ultra-Premium Expanded Coco-Coir is an all-natural, organic-listed soil amendment that is idea for indoor hydroponic mixes or systems. We start with the highest quality coco coir made of coconut husk, triple wash it with R.O. water to 150 ppm or less, and buffer for quality results. This earth-friendly amendment has excellent water holding and draining properties to help you grow nutritious, high quality, and high performing plants.

  • OIM listed organic and Clean Green Certified
  • Plant directly in this expanded coco-coir or amend it with your favorite ingredients
  • Water as needed and feed with a water-soluble fertilizer with a pH of 5.6 to 6.3
  • Around 150 or less PPM/TDS
  • Roughly 6.7 pH
  • Available by the truckload only; not available on location

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